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Old 01-09-2015, 04:56 PM
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Public Service Announcement: Do the Right Thing / Buyer Beware

Public Service Announcement: Do the Right Thing / Buyer Beware

Despite our best intentions and efforts, our forum is growing, and particularly, there is growing traffic in the classifieds section. As an unintentional consequence, we have unfortunately seen a slight uptick in deals gone bad. That's the last thing we want to see here, as we want to maintain a community feel. We try and shut down "power sellers", similarly, we try and have rules in place to preclude people signing up for the forum just to buy/sell stuff.

I just want to post a reminder, that this is not ebay, and this is not craigslist. Don't conduct any deals here that you wouldn't be comfortable with conducting face to face. Represent items as accurately as you can. Aim for full disclosure. Be conservative.

If you would feel bad selling it to your buddy, dont sell it here.

On the flip side, consider who you're dealing with before you hit paypal "send" for hundreds of dollars to an internet stranger. Exercise due diligence. Do a reference check if it's substantial dollars. A phonecall to connect human-to-human goes a long way if there is doubt.

Please, Please, Please use the feedback thread. Good and bad. Community, community community. Help your internet buddies out. Please.

Thanks folks, for helping keeping this place the classy joint it is.

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