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Old 03-16-2022, 12:17 PM
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Kirk JKS Classic: NAHBS 2011

After having sold my last JKS, I immediately missed it. I will get around to a new bike, built for me, at some point. Those Onestos are too fine to pass up. However, that day is not today. I'm in flux with my fit as I go from a slow Cat 3 35 yo to a Cat 6 50 yo. Once I lock in on fit, I'll be in line for a new new bike from Dave. I thought the previous bike rode as well as a bike could. I'm going to see how this one feels.

Being a NAHBS 2011 bike, it sure is a looker. The lugs are typical for D Kirk, very very tasty.

I found this frame on consignment in a local shop. It had been there for at least a year. Obviously, the vast majority of people looking for a bike in shop are NOT looking for steel, mech shifting, rim brake. But I was. Special thanks to the man with eyes that see all, Mr. Clean39T, for the find!

I would describe the color as Molteni orange with a kiss of Ferrari red, set off with a classy metallic flake. Striking! Paint is immaculate. Almost zero marks on the frame. Almost like the prev dude didn't ride it. I think the frame has spent the majority of its 11 years hanging on some wall. I plan to put an abrupt end to that!

Build is going to be:
- SR12
- HED Belg wheels laced to Campag Record hubs

I'm really looking forward to throwing a leg over this one!

Geo is sorta similar to my previous one. The TT on this one is 5mm shorter at 570. The HT is 10mm shorter at 180. Chain stays are 4mm longer. Should be great..or at least I'm hoping it is.

But the color...did I mention that?

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