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Old 02-24-2021, 11:58 PM
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Kirk JKS

I nabbed this from akmonkey here a few weeks back. Score!

All I have to say is wow. Ok, maybe a bit more. It's great to be back on some awesome steel with Campag mech, rim brake action. So so so good. I mean really really awesome steel. I have no way of going back and making any direct comparos. However, I do think this is the finest steel I have tasted. Those other being (with zero offense): custom geo (for me) '08 Speedvagen, Merckx Motorola MXL (the Belgian Buick), 2 diff RS Signature road frames (not made for me). This bike shines.

I have admired David Kirk's work for a very long time. His insights on so many things are also a treasure trove. He, and his creations, are jems. We are lucky to live/ride during his reign. I read the story about the JKS frame a long time always stuck with me. When this frame came up, I pretty much had to pull the trigger. The fit on. I don't know if it could be made better in terms of fit. I may ask Dave about the frame at some point to see about the rider it was made for (hammer, gentle lover [like myself], rouleur, etc). I remember a decade or so ago when he moved to the paint scheme that is on this bike. I dug it then...and I do now.

Anyhow, my fav enable Dr. Clean39T hooked a brother up on a crispy Campag Chorus 12s gruppo and Zonda C17s. Gracias homie. I did being back on mech Campagnolo.
Ryun's recent Kirk didn't help much.

I have one short, 20 mile shakedown ride under the belt. This one is gonna be a good. Fit, again, is excellent. Handling manners are racey (read awesome). Not twitchy. Stiffness is good while not overly so.

I'm just a happy, lucky dood. I'd like to buy the world a Coke and smile.


Toptube = 57.5cm
Seattube = 54.5cm
Slope = 5*
Headtube = 191.7mm
Chainstay = 413mm
BB drop = 75mm
HTA = 72.8*
STA = 73.0*
Rake = 46mm, 1" steerer
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