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the Paceline resource page

The paceline forum has numerous informational threads spread throughout its pages. You can use the search function, but we figured it would be a good idea to bring some helpful links together in one spot to make it a little easier to spot them. You will also find the user rules for the various sections of the forum here as well.

If there is another thread you think should be added let us know.



The Paceline User Agreement

Changes to the Warning System on The Paceline

What Got You Started into bikes/riding (cycling)?

Who are you (and what do you look like)?

Your first "REAL" Road Bike

Stolen bikes -- Please help


Custom Frame Builders List by State/Country

Custom Frame Builder Spotlights

Custom Frame Builder video link page

Bicycle Catalogs/Components page

Serotta Catalogs page


How to post images on Paceline Forum

Instagram? Check out - The Paceliners of Instagram

Photos from your rides

Picture tips, by Russ Watson (Get the best shots of your ride)

Videos? Your Riding Videos Go Here


Rules for posting in the Classifieds Section ("I'm new and I can't post in the Classifieds") Reason posted here...

Public Service Announcement: Do the Right Thing / Buyer Beware

Feedback Thread for Buyers and Sellers

How to SEARCH the Feedback Thread For Buyers and Sellers

Want to try out a particular saddle? The Paceline Saddle Swap

Want to try out a particular stem? The Paceline Stem Swap

Spoke Trading Spreadsheet for Paceline Members

Wanted/Offering - Bikes to rent or borrow

PSA's - Good Deals - Barn Finds!!! !!!

BigBike PSA


The Paceline Vendors Introduction Page

Vendor Classified Rules/Guidelines

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This looks useful
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