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Old 05-29-2023, 02:06 PM
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Bianca - 2021 Ciocc San Cristobal

Bibs, jersey, socks. I walk down to the basement, to the northeast corner.

“Take me out. Ride me”, she says.

I bring her up to pressure. Shoes, helmet, RoadID.

I grasp her stem, and we walk and roll out the door, around the house, she much more gracefully than I. The air is cool and crisp, the dew point low, the sun bright. Her perlato frame glistens. Specular highlights glint off her chrome, and I could swear that I saw her slender tubes briefly swell as she took an anticipatory breath.

Leg over, clip in, off we go. She, scanning her new surroundings, wondering where the routes and adventures lie. Me, scanning for new obstacles - stones or glass on the road below, a new low hanging branch above. Listening, feeling for any issues she may have.

Down the road, turn right. Find that good gear. Up to speed.

She smiles as she recognizes her purpose, keeping her line. Eager, but not letting enthusiasm overcome safety.

Soon we turn right, onto the first of the Three Fingers. Up a little hill.

“Stand up”, she says.

Obedient, I apply somewhat greater if uneven pressure, rocking slightly. Over we go, wordless. Then down, accelerating, taking a couple of wide turns. She, streaming in the self-made breeze. I might have felt her shiver a bit, as if she had goosebumps due to the cool morning air and the wind she creates.

Turnaround at the water. Back, up the little hill, then right to the second Finger. Even less traffic, cruising easily until we get to some houses. At the small park, we turn around again. More easy spinning, quietly and mutually absorbing the atmosphere of a pleasant morning together.

Then it's almost a U turn onto the third Finger. Nearly dead straight to the water. Left, quick left, then back.

Heading toward home, approaching the park. She glances over as we near the road to her abode. She says nothing, makes no preference known, seemingly content to continue to explore her new realm, wherever I take her. Left, right, north, south, she just wants to roam, like a dog exploring new woods.

Past home, around the park, a couple of small rollers, then straight down the long hill. Big ring, I let her run. She flies. It’s her first time in the big ring.

Right, up a little hill. Then down, sharp left, scrubbing speed around the blind turn, and onto some sharp rollers. Small ring - up, down, up, down. Spin, grind, spin, grind. Along the water. Finally a small level patch. I spin, rest, and aerate my muscles for the next section, which is known only to me. Onto the big ring again.

The future is always unknown to her, but she now knows what the big ring portends. She smiles her closed smile of anticipation, looking forward to a new chance to evince her ability. Down, fast, sweeping left, semi-blind, she grabs the gear, makes it her own. Past a slow moving sightseeing car. Rushing past walkers, some replete with dogs or strollers, wind roaring.

“Faster!”, she cries.

She may be a woman of few words, but she has no issue making her desires known.

I do as demanded, pushing her harder, pushing myself harder. Streaking along the coast, until a false flat, and finally, the left turn. Ease up, drink some water. Another left. Drift past a few houses. Then right, to the short double hill - up, flat, up. First part not too bad, but starting the second part from an already slow pace makes it tough. Chain under tension, muscles even more so. Breathe. Gasp. Over the top. She stretches after the sharp, brief effort. Quick down and up, then right, back onto the main road.

Recovery pace, more hydration and muscular aeration. Then return up the long straight hill. Crunch over the last few meters, then down again. Left toward home.

We approach the turn to home for the second time, this time on the right. She glances over, knowing where she shelters, wondering if this time we'll take the turn. I steer her past, the road bending to the left, and she smiles her wordless smile. We ride the Three Fingers again.

Finally, back to the park yet again, we turn left. Easy, almost home. Inside, I lean her against a tool cabinet with a pad to protect her formerly glistening frame, muted now indoors.

“I want to do that again”, she says. “Soon.”

“Soon”, I reply. “Soon.”
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Old 05-29-2023, 02:55 PM
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Fun read and beautiful bike!
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Old 06-01-2023, 05:40 PM
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We need more photos! Great read!
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