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Old 11-25-2018, 04:34 AM
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Cima Coppi / Everjourn Thanksgiving Sale

This is a bit of a copy/paste (now with more pictures!) from the merino jerseys thread going, as some very generous individuals here had said these very kind words. Thank you!:

Originally Posted by choke View Post

The gold standard for me is Cima Coppi. Lawrence, the owner, is a forum member. They will do custom mods to their standard jerseys...both size and color....for not much more money than anyone else's off the rack. And if you want full custom they will do that as well. They made this one for me last year, it was the very first one that they made with front pockets and a collar.
Originally Posted by Duende View Post
Plus 1000. Cima Coppi. Easily amongst the best Merino jerseys I’ve ever had. Great fit, well made. Can’t say enough good things about them. Really like their light weight Merino model.
Because of that, I'm sparing you my normal opinions on the superiority of 10spd Campagnolo, tire pressure and whatever other shizz I normally post here and instead letting you all know about our sale and new things!:

It's all happening at our new sister-brand store Everjourn. Quick link to the sale here:

AND, our exclusive for paceline forum members there is a -20% discount on our Bikepacking and Ranger merino jerseys, again lightweight 97% merino using the code: PACE20 here:

(here begins cut+paste... below pics!)
Lastly, you're probably asking, what the heck is Everjourn? Everjourn is cycling, bikepacking, hiking and camping gear from natural materials. Also, accessories we love. It's ready to wear (non-custom), new materials, colors and experiments - it's a place where we can play and experiment.

Cima Coppi Custom, is the same as ever, but better than ever, because we're really focusing on increasing our custom abilities with Cima Coppi - to be able to provide more service to realize your dream merino jerseys.

Again, and always.... thank you for your support on this thanksgiving weekend! Here is a bit of what you can find over at our new shop Everjourn in the "bike" section:

Follow us on Instagram, yo! @Everjourn

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