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Old 06-16-2018, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by fmradio516 View Post
My biggest thing I have yet to perfect is brisket. Everyone says to pull them when the internal hits 200, but even with the thermapen, its still tough. I noticed that letting it go to 215 is a bit better.
Brisket should be brought real slow to 200 and held there for quite a while. Pulling it when it just hits the 200 mark will leave it tough. The collegen needs time to melt.
Weaping tight with foil will help prevent stall but isnt necessary if the temp is low enough. I dont even check temperature any more. Check for tenderness. Pull it when its tender. Those who check temperature constantly get freaked by the stall and crank the heat out of desperation. Then once it moves past 165 or so it goes fast and its shot. Dont check temperature or if you do, dont stare at it.
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