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Old 08-22-2020, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Peter P. View Post
My experience with measuring sit bones vs. saddles that are comfortable is:

There's no correlation between sit bone width and saddle width.

I've done the tests.

I am comfortable on saddles from 132-145mm wide. The shape matters more than the width.

Use the test as a starting point but don't use it as gospel.

I agree, no single criterion or indicator is All You Need To Know. For Specialized their narrowest saddle widths are 130 mm. At the edge of that, at least for the old Alias, there is a cliff and it is a clear break in your riding concentration to momentarily fall off that cliff. If your bones center to center are about 120 mm then you have only 10 mm total margin until you reach the cliff, or you are allowed to skooch your butt around not more than 5 mm (less than ΒΌ") per side before you feel like your nice hot saddle has suddenly become a 2x4. THAT is important to understand.

For me, the problem is mitigated if I get one step wider, the 143 mm saddles. For my degree of aggressiveness (how deeply I lean), the 143 allows me enough lateral wiggle room. This does not mean that all 143 saddles will work for me. Rather it means, Specialized saddles narrower than 143 are NOT going to work for me. Their different saddles also have a range of shapes for you to think about.

But overall, I like leather better. These days it's Selle AnAtomica, my old Ideale, and my Brooks 17 Imperial. I have a B17 Select (stiffer leather), but Mrs. Road Fan has stolen it. I just said "Happy Birthday, dear!"
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Old 08-22-2020, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyBoston View Post
I was fitted for a 155mm saddle during a BG body fit bike fit. Basically sitting straight up on a ass meter.

I rode it for over a year but had trouble with saddle sores, no matter how finely I adjusted the fore/aft and tilt.

I had a chance to ride a friends bike that fit me almost perfectly with the same power saddle but in 143mm.

The saddle disappeared underneath me. Instantly liked it.

Since then I have had to invest in 143mm saddles. My theory is I ride with lower than average handlebars, therefore rotating my pelvis forward into a much different position that sitting straight up.

This idea was discussed in this article I read later:
Great article, I have to spend some time with it!
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