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Old 12-04-2018, 10:17 AM
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PSA:Scammer Alert!


I know most of you are savvy internet users, but i have received two complaints in the last 24 hours about a zero post user who has tried to scam them, originating from WTB posts.

I banned that user (peterdaniels), but that obviously doesnt mean the scammer will not just create another account and prey on other users.

be aware.

dont pay people in moneygram or itunes gift cards or anything else other than paypal if you dont know them.

be careful.

Additionally - we all know this, but keep an eye on the more "vulnerable" folks around you. the elderly, etc who might fall victim to these kinds of phone and mail scams. with the holidays around - the scammers are out to get money out of generous, good natured people.

also - report here if this has happened to you and the username of the guilty!

Just linking in one of the discussions on a scammer...

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