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Legend by Bertoletti

Emily from Squid Bikes has been at the front of the Paceline for a while but its time for her to peel off and let Bonate Sopra Italy based designer & builder Marco Bertoletti of "Legend By Bertoletti" to come to the front and take a pull. So, this week keep your eyes open and watch Marco's wheel...

In 1989, Marco Bertoletti started designing and developing custom frames for other European brands, as well as “ghost building” for many riders in the pro peloton. It was in 2009 when he created his own brand, “Legend by Bertoletti.” His range of frames are all custom, hand built in Italy, in offerings of Titanium, Carbon, Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel to suit and adapt to each riders specific measurements and requirements. Each of Marco’s frames meet stringent standards and are subject to extensive testing before being included into his range.

While starting out racing in the early ‘80s, and eventually racing for a junior developmental team in Europe, I had the opportunity to race on a Bertoletti built frame. Having ridden and owning many frames since then, my experiences and feedback always led me back to Bertoletti. Knowing my requirements and having the means to purchase one led me to realize that no-one offered them here in the states, hence my desire to start Elite Velo Solutions, LLC.

We can all agree that there are many choices these days regarding frame material and builders, some of which are offered by the talented and fantastic builders on this forum. I am simply offering those with my same passion the opportunity to buy a Legend here in the states. To keep the Italian theme in place, I have access to Legend customized cockpits from Deda and 3T, saddles from Selle Italia, and full Campagnolo group sets to complete your dream build.

As Legend’s doors are open to their factory to give customers the
opportunity to visit by appointment, I am always here to answer any
questions and ensure that you get a frame built to your needs. Feel free
to send any inquiries to

Lastly, thanks to William, the Forum, and all its members in allowing me the opportunity to offer another alternative.

Kindest regards, Eric

Elite Velo Solutions

Marco was kind enough to take a moment and answer a list of questions for us that are a mix of standards and member a few off-the-wall thrown into the mix. Our hope was to convey the builders love of their craft, hard details, and offer a few questions that bring out a bit of the human element that that helps them create the works that we love.

Q&A with Marco Bertoletti

How / why did you decide to become a frame builder?
(C ome / perché hai deciso di diventare un telaista?)

I rode my bike a lot as a child, and this passion eventually became my job.

What influences the artistic side of your designs?
(Cosa influenza il lato artistico dei tuoi disegni?)

My fantasies.

What is your method to determine fit?
(Che meted usi per determinare il fit?)

I use our bike fit machine to take measures.

What is it that keeps you passionate and focused?
( C ova ti mantiene appassionato e concentrato?)

The continuous search for new products to be realized.

Can you tell us about your first bike? What did you love (or love to hate) about it ?
(Cosa ci puoi dire sulla tua prima bici? Cost hai amato (e poi odiato)?)

I loved my first bike because I was proud of my job, but I hated it because my father died on the same day.

How many times have you burned yourself?
(Quante volte ti see bruciato ?)

Many times, especially with aluminum

What's your favorite beer or wine?
(Vino o bird preferiti ?)

Ferghettina, an italian Prosecco

Heard any cool music lately?
(Hai ascoltato qualche musica particolarmente interessante, ultimamente?)

I like Vasco Rossi, an italian rocker

How did you meet your spouse or significant other?
(Come hai incontrato tua moglie o qualche altra persona importante nella tua vita?)

I remember when I met the person who created my passion for the bike. He stopped me as I rode to work on my bike and asked me to join his team.

What's there to do for fun in your town?
(Cosa c’è di divertente da fare nella tua città?)

I live in a small village, but for those who love the bike in the area, there are many interesting climbs.

Do you put mustard or ketchup on your _Hot Dog_?
(Senape o ketchup nell’hotdog?)


What type of bicycle is requested the most for you to build? Road, cross, track, fixed gear...?
(Qual è il tipo di bici piu richiesto? Strada, cross, pista, scatto fisso?)


Who would you want to build a bike for you?
(Chi vorresti che costruisse la too bici?)

Myself or Pegoretti

What is it about your approach to building/designing bikes that makes you unique, or separates you from the other builders out there?
(Qual è il too approccio alla costruzione/progettazione delle tue bici che le rende uniche e le differenzia dagli altri costruttori?)

I think every builders has a own philosophy for his frames, so based on this and own fantasy, we can create different bikes.

Through your growth and progression as a frame builder, can you share a high point, and a low point that you feel helped shape who you are as a builder today?
(Ripensando alla tua crescita come costruttore di telai, puoi condividere con noi qual è stato il momento piu alto e piu ballo che ha contribuito a modellare chi sei oggi come telaista?)

The highest moment was undoubtedly a few years ago, during the aluminum boom, when we manufactured the frames for 6 pro teams.

In any line of work, there is always something in the process that people feel they really excel at. What is that part of the process for you?
(In ogni lavoro, c’è sempre qualcosa nel processo in cui le persone sentono di eccellere. Qual è quell parte del processo per te?)

Frame design and final quality inspection.

How long is your wait list?
(Quanto è lungs la tua lista d’attesa?)

2 months

How long have you been building frames.
(Da quanta tempo construisci telai?)

43 years

Is there any type of bike, or request that you would decline to build?
(C’è qualche tipo di bicicletta o di richiesta che ti rifiuti di costruire?)

We reject bicycle requests for competitive purposes with hidden engine. I consider it a kind of mechanical doping

What does the future hold for Legend Cycles, where do you see the business in 5 years? Any top secret innovations on the horizon?
(Cosa prevede il futuro per le biciclette Legend nei prossimi 5 anni? Qualche innovazione top secret all’orizzonte?)

For small craftsmen like me, it is very difficult to make such long-term forecasts. I hope to still build many frames, while continuing to improve quality and create new models. During this time we are working hard on introducing disc brakes.

Do you have a favorite part of the building process?
(Hai uno parte preferita nel processo di costruzione?)

The welding

What is the most unusual / unique bicycle you've ever built?
(Qual è la bicicletta piu insolita o unica che hai costruito?)

A carbon handbike with 3 wheels for a guy with special needs.

What is your favorite non-cycling obsession?
(Qual è la tua ossessione preferita fuori dal ciclismo?)

My wife and I are Italian champions of ballroom dancing.

Many thanks to Marco for taking the time to answer our questions! Thanks also go out to Eric for being willing to get things going with Marco as well as translate for us. Please feel free to ask Eric any questions that pop up while admiring Marco's work. He can answer, and if needed, pass on to Marco any question you might have.


PS: In case you missed it, the previous Builder's Spotlight can be found here...

Custom Frame Builders List
Support our vendors!

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