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Old 11-16-2019, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Mzilliox View Post
I need a drifter.

lovely work guys
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Old 01-29-2020, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by GonaSovereign View Post
My Broken Arrow, which is slightly custom with some minor geo adjustments. It’s been exceptional for racing CX, doing gravel races, going on adventures, punching well above its weight in the singletrack, and subbing in for my road bike occasionally. This is a super versatile race bike, although officially a CX bike.

Great people making super bikes.

Tour of Pelham 2_web
Lakeshore 22
Wow I love that matching fork and stem in the last picture!
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Old 02-07-2020, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by BigLips View Post
Wow I love that matching fork and stem in the last picture!
It’s Vélocolour work.

Last edited by GonaSovereign; 02-16-2020 at 02:17 PM.
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Old 04-08-2020, 05:26 PM
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Hi all - I'd be remiss if I didn't bring our current promotion to your attention.

In short: receive 22% off all framesets and complete bikes, with only 60% down, until April 10th*. All support through this trying time is extremely appreciated.

*We will honor that price for a few more days given the late notice here.

Our official release below.


COVID-19 is impacting all of our businesses in dramatic and different ways. For us at No. 22 this unprecedented time has lead to a hard hitting, state-ordered “pause” at our Johnstown, NY factory. While our machines sit idle and our talented and dedicated team waits on the sidelines, we are launching a program to help drive sales and make our bikes more attractive to your customers than ever.

We're offering the only discount we've run in more than seven years.

Save 22% off MSRP of any No. 22 frameset or complete build, including 22% off finishes and custom geometry (accessories excluded).
Please note that given the current closure of our factory, we can't currently commit to our normal 12-week lead time.

We will be promoting the sale through all of our channels beginning April 3, and each promotion will have a specific call-out to purchase through that customer's dealer.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us here at No. 22 with any questions.


No. 22 Bicycle Company Inc.

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Old 05-19-2020, 10:07 AM
josh_josh_josh josh_josh_josh is offline
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Great photos, great story
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Old 06-03-2020, 04:12 AM
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Wonderful thread, thanks for this
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