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Old 07-26-2017, 11:44 AM
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Rented a TCR Advanced 1 and have fit takeaways..

I was in Boise over the weekend and rented a TCR Advanced 1 roadie to get some miles in. They had a size Large for me, so that's what I got. And I'm glad I did as it gave me yet another point of reference for fit considerations.

So, comparing this to my Moots, it had roughly the same saddle height and setback off the same STA. However, the ETT was 0.5cm shorter off a 1 deg slacker HTA, and it had just a 110mm stem, vs the 130mm I'm running now. The HT plus spacers stack was about 1cm lower as well.

And it felt great in the balance and weight-distribution, and reach, department...I'd try a 120mm on there, but the 110mm didn't have me feeling cramped. This pretty much confirms for me that I feel best on a shorter-TT bike, with a moderate stem, and moderate to aggressive drop.

[I didn't like the bike itself, but that's a different story...]

BTW - the ride up to Bogus Basin is pretty sweet - we don't get climbs that long over on the wet side of the Cascades very often and it was a good challenge - plus, 100 deg heat is a novel experience :|
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