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Old 01-24-2017, 09:54 AM
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Interesting article about LLD (Steve Hogg)

I feel like this could be me:

I pretty much have exactly those same symptoms. Only thing they're not mentioning in the article is saddle sores on the right side. Always told my left leg is shorter. Tried reversing the correction I've had on my cleats forever and ever last night and it's too early to tell but it felt like I was way more square on the saddle and I could visibly see that the leg extension was way more even. Let's say pedaling in jeans felt more comfortable then bibs with the correction the other way. Pretty sure it's actually might right leg that is short and for some bizarre reason I ended up sitting to the left. I actually think there is something more complex going on for me.. maybe my legs are pretty even but the ratio of femur:tibia is not the same on the two legs, and my right foot collapses in the arch more than the left foot which makes the right leg act shorter on the bike.

To be fair there was 1 fitter out of many who thought my left leg was the shorter about 10 years ago. I kind of ignored most of his advice as almost everything else he tried to do turned out to be pretty wrong. (Moved my saddle sky high, extended my reach super long, jacked my bars up to the sky, etc.. ) If they get most things wrong it's pretty hard to tell they got one variable right.

FWIW in my case all I'm talking about is offsetting the position of the two cleats by maybe 3mm in the fore/aft direction. I traditionally have always run the right foot with the cleat back from the left foot, partly because the right foot is bigger. Bizarrely both feet track more straight with it the other way around, the way I have usually run things the right foot would want to duck out.

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Old 01-24-2017, 10:00 AM
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I've been accused of having one leg shorter than the other, but I think it is more from having a hip that likes to lock up on me. I experimented with shims with no real improvement.

When my back is good, my legs are the same length.

My problem with most shims is that they should be on the cleat/outer surface and not in the shoe.

I also always wonder why you wouldn't alter crank arm length, so you could affect the whole leg range of motion on the affected side.

Such a mystical process, this bike fitting business.
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Old 01-24-2017, 10:29 AM
benb benb is offline
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I had really bad luck with shims.

They were semi-OK with my road cleats (SPD-SL) but horrific with my SPD cleats, it's bad enough clipping into a muddy MTB but the shims could make it impossible to clip in.

A lot of my results could have been that the wrong leg got shimmed. If I've got anything it is not a big enough difference to be easily observable. For example I have had video analysis running on a treadmill and stuff like that and no one who ever watched me run ever thought I had a short leg.
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