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Old 10-08-2016, 12:23 PM
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Bars for off-roading


Thanks for your suggestions in this thread. I've changed a few things in terms of handlebar angle but it'll probably be a long time before I ride enough to see if the changes have addressed the problem.

Anyways my new problem is that my wrists tend to hurt a bit more on my new bike when I'm doing single track. I'm holding the brakes a lot more than I usually do, and I feel like I'm crushing my pinkies as well. I've generally heard that I should have wider bars? I'm currently using Ritchey classic bars, 42 cm width.

I feel as though I would like something with more drop as well given the largish headtube since that's where I usually find my hands when on the pavement. Do you guys have any suggestions for bars or anecdotes on what works/what doesn't?

Or am I doing off-roading completely wrong?

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Old 10-08-2016, 02:02 PM
kingpin75s kingpin75s is offline
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I did respond to your last thread with concern about your saddle to bar drop, but realize a lot of people like more drop than I do.

However looking at your All City, you still have a good bit of bar to saddle drop (which may or may not be fine) but the angle of your seat is telling as well. That position along with the drop is pushing a lot of weight onto your bars.

I ride dirt a lot, like many others here. The difference for me is I have wrist issues and it is important for me to have little drop and a saddle just upturned at the nose a touch.

Tilt that saddle up and bring the bars to meet you, possibly up and in a bit.


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Old 10-09-2016, 06:43 AM
oliver oliver is offline
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Location: The Netherlands
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I took the first picture before riding the bike at all
I've since tilted the saddle up a bit and switched to a seatpost with more setback.

I'll try raising my bars a bit and seeing how it helps my wrists.
Thanks for the suggestions!
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