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Old 04-29-2020, 07:43 PM
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Question Is an old FitKet set of specs still relevant?

I had a fit kit done in 1997 (jeez), before I bought the current BIFL bike--a LeMond, which fit the specs well. Later the same fitter--a very well regarded frame builder--did a bit up an update to tweak the bike with the handlebars and stem it has now. The simple test of spinning on a gentle uphill and being able to lift my hands off the bars is no trouble. Now reconsidering the whole BIFL thing though because I need much small gears in front and bigger in back.

Question for those is the know, is can I still use an old fit kit evaluation (Competition Road selection) for current frame geometries or more importantly, for avoiding injury? Maybe the thinking for body fit changes along with the frame ratios.

I am 20lbs (+) heavier than when I got the fit, and an X-ray of my ankle looks like the bottom of a toolbox (with rods and screws askew--from soccer), but no probs otherwise (touching wood). I am trying to get back in the saddle (see related General Discussion thread "What Should Rip van Winkle Do..." earlier today. When I last rode I wore mtb cleats for a little more more 'float'.

Is an old FitKit eval relevant, or asking for trouble?
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