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Old 05-24-2016, 05:41 PM
Dazza Dazza is offline
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I put this on FB page a wee while ago

It was 1983, I was 20 yo, 58kg, my first senior state title that I raced in. 180kms and the finish was in Woodford. Quite by accident I found myself off the front on a wee climb. I thought, OK, just tempo and see who might come across, Rob Crossely came across on his own to me and we swapped off for while, I then proceeded to grovel for a wee while, kept putting in my turns and thought, ****, now I have to see out the next 50kms but later on the climb out of Kilkoy I was shelled out,
Rob did not jump , I just was one tooth less capable on that hill than him and Rob went on to win solo. When the chase caught me, a rider by the name of Kerry asked me how he was going out there. I thought that was a strange thing to ask me, here I am after being spat, with you and this small group of chasers, you are all two minutes behind him?! I just replied, "You will not catch him, he is in the 12" . Rob was never caught and we all did battle to be the first of the losers. I finished 8th, with a sprint that a daddy long legs spider would be ashamed of, well my excuse was I put myself out there, gave it all and failed and was legless for the jumps on the run in and for the gallop. This picture captures me with snot on my face, thinking
"a silver if I could have hung onto Rob Crossely, I failed and that was a chance lost because I was not good enough. Sigh and Sigh! "yeah, he was a much classy rider and I was pea engine, but I could not help but think....................................
Cheers Dazza
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