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Old 10-12-2017, 09:58 AM
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jtbadge jtbadge is online now
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Parts hoarding

I recently started taking inventory of my bike stash before moving cross country. I knew I had a problem with hoarding bike parts, but didn't realize the severity of one specific aspect of that until I started counting.

I currently own 4 bikes, plus one that is being built, but counted 16 sets of usable tires. Sixteen.

One set I sold and is shipping out today.

These are mounted:
-Rock Lobster: Panaracer Gravel King slick 26c
-Merckx: Vittoria Open Pave 25c
-Macho Man: WTB Nano 40c
-Log Lady: Panaracer Fat B Nimble 3.5 + Maxxis Ardent 2.4

These are all unmounted, and probably with less than 500 miles each:
-Bruce Gordon Rock 'n' Road 43c
-Soma C Line 38c
-Clement LAS
-Clement MXP
-Clement PDX
-Challenge Strada Bianca 30c
-Another single of each of the Log Lady tires

And even more new in box:
-WTB Nano 40c
-Challenge Paris-Roubaix 27c
-Veloflex Corsa 25c
-Vittoria Cross XL Pro

Meanwhile, I have no spare wheels, frames, or shift groups, and only a few chains, cleats, and other wear items.

I think the original set of WTB Nanos I got in like 2015 is the only set anywhere near being worn out.

What is your poison?

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Old 10-12-2017, 10:07 AM
thermalattorney thermalattorney is online now
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A few years back I inventoried all my spare parts ahead of selling at a local swap meet. Turns out I had an entire bike minus the frameset just sitting around...

Might not sound bad but this is in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn.
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:08 AM
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veggieburger veggieburger is offline
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I love tires too. I don't have near your collection, but I swap them out much too early. I just love the look and feeling of a new set of tires (kind of like a new toothbrush)...
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:12 AM
Gummee Gummee is offline
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Location: NoVA for now
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I tend to keep 'a bike' around in bits just in case I run into a frameset I HAVE to have

I'm short a crankset at the moment and its making my eye twitch. Oh there're cranksets I can pirate from another bike, but it isn't the same.

Wheels are my thing. Different wheelsets for different reasons. I take the go-fast wheels off for the winter, so I 'need' a few pair of 32/32 or 28/32 wheels hanging around. Then there's CX training wheels and CX race wheels. ...and...

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Old 10-12-2017, 10:15 AM
Mzilliox Mzilliox is offline
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Join Date: May 2015
Location: Southern OR
Posts: 2,935
I have 3 bikes and currently have 12 stems unused, 8 saddles sitting around,
and this is the worst of all:
wheels not on a bike:
Bora 35 tubulars
Ambrosio nemesis tubulars
Corima 38/Royce hubs
Pacenti v2 laced to king hubs
Shamal Ultra clinchers
Campagnolo Neutrons (trainer)
DT RR1.1 on DT hubs

wheels on a bike:
Mavic R-sys tubular (Blue)
Odom hubs laced to silver box rims (Berty)
Hed Belgium (Jefe)
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:27 AM
chiasticon chiasticon is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: northeast ohio
Posts: 2,539
I have five bikes and until this week, had two extra drive trains sitting around. then I upgraded my CX bikes to 11 speed. I have about a dozen extra tires, I guess. half a dozen stems. a few cranksets. the big thing is wheels: alu clinchers for the winter bike, carbon clinchers for the summer bike, two alu clinchers sets for I don't know what, alu tubeless for CX training, and five sets of carbon tubulars for CX racing. then there's two more sets of random wheels and rims with tubulars stretching on them.

the only thing that makes me feel better is there's a dude I know who has several bikes still in the boxes in his basement. and, last he told me, at least five complete groupsets.
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:32 AM
bpiecuch bpiecuch is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Providence, RI
Posts: 37
Saddles and used Cassettes...

I have a bunch of take-off saddles that will never see the light of day.
I've also been hoarding Romin Evo's in 155mm when I can find them.

I have no idea how to determine when to replace a cassette. I've never had bad shifting problems or skipping. But after a few chain replacements I tend to swap the cassette as well. I currently have, like, 7-8x 10-speed cassettes in very messy ziplock bags.

Upgraded parts always stay around too, I think it's time to sell those off.

Every box I open in the basement seems to be a new surprise of parts!
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:40 AM
Bentley Bentley is online now
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Join Date: Dec 2015
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I have 5 frames at my paint guy, not sure I have all the right build kits for and I have a ton of groupsets and wheels. These are all classic bikes, Couple Colnagos, a Couple of Serotta, and IF Crown Jewel. That and I have a shed and garage full of bikes at the house.
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Old 10-12-2017, 11:25 AM
mt2u77 mt2u77 is offline
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Originally Posted by thermalattorney View Post
A few years back I inventoried all my spare parts ahead of selling at a local swap meet. Turns out I had an entire bike minus the frameset just sitting around...

Might not sound bad but this is in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn.

Just one? Ha.

I've got a hidden corner of my garage that I refer to as the "snake pit"-- just a massive tangle of tires. I ran out of room on my wheel hooks, so now the wheels are stacked on top of the snake pit-- HALP!

I've got at least three frames waiting for builds, but therein lies my one bit of wisdom I can share: bikes in pieces don't count toward the spousal n+1 limit, at least if you stash them correctly
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Old 10-12-2017, 11:31 AM
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R3awak3n R3awak3n is offline
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Location: NYC // Catskills, NY
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I have a couple of extra record seatposts

single speed record levers that I may never use

Some campy silver record skewers waiting for the right vintage build (maybe single speed bike with those levers)

aero chorus post, also might never used.

A chorus groupset with 2 extra long cage athena derailleurs

Only have a spare wheelset but do have a lot of spare tires. I had a lot more crap but did get rid of a lot so wife is happy, I am happy
- 9to5bike -
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Old 10-12-2017, 11:32 AM
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bicycletricycle bicycletricycle is offline
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i have lots of parts, lots......

I probably have 25 sets of "extra" skewers
please don't take anything I say personally, I am an idiot.
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Old 10-12-2017, 11:45 AM
BikeNY BikeNY is offline
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I'm going to take a wild guess that pretty much everybody on this site has at least a mild case of hoarding bike stuff. I've got extra tires, wheels, stems, chains, cassettes, grips, handlebars, hubs, rims, spokes, shifters, brakes, brake levers, bags, etc.

I don't really want to quantify what I have at the moment...
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Old 10-12-2017, 12:06 PM
weisan's Avatar
weisan weisan is offline
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Location: Back in Austin, Texas
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I don't have a "parts hoarding" issue.

I just keep telling myself that. Over and over again.
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Old 10-12-2017, 12:08 PM
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johnniecakes johnniecakes is offline
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Yea, I have a problem. Currently there are 11 1/2 bikes ready to ride. The 1/2 is a tandem. 3 framesets hanging around just in case and 3 new 11sp groupsets for them, 4 wheelsets and 2 file cabinet drawers filled with stems, posts and other assorted oddities. As I write this it occurs to me that if one of my sons told me what I just wrote I would want to have a sit down about his problem. In a year from now when I retire I will have the time to use all this stuff.
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Old 10-12-2017, 12:09 PM
OperaLover OperaLover is offline
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Hi, my name is OperaLover

and I'm a parts hoarder.

Record 10 group with extra crankset, Phil BB,
Superbe/Superbe pro group, including HS and seat post
2 Saddels; NIB
track wheesl Recod with GL330s
tubulars/three sets
tubes (cases of them)
rims (tubie and clincher, road mtb)
case of brake cable and der cables
tires; Old/ new /tubies just need to be sent out to be repaiered
Custom luuged frame with crack (just needs HT to be replaced)
assorted lights
small salvaged bits
"I have always loved riding bicycles,
especially for the feeling of freedom and self-sufficiency that they give."

--Sheldon Brown
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