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Old 10-12-2017, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Pschnei3 View Post
I have some edge/enve handlebars and want to paint them all black. Has anybody done this? If so can you share the correct steps on how you did it.
Take it from me, this will give you the exact result you want without going nuts with automotive pro crap and horribly performing hardware store rattle can crap. Buy the product below from Amazon, remove your bars and clean them as thoroughly as possible. Dry thoroughly, wipe them down with a mild solvent like denatured alcohol. Apply 3 light even coats( or till white is covered) allowing 10 min between each. Just spray the area exposed and under the taped area a couple inches. Let em sit for a day. No need for scuffing or sanding I promise. If you spray too heavy and get runs, they will be glossy and can't be fixed. But it can take it all off and try again.

This stuff can be removed by peeling but it is incredibly resilient and durable. Be advised when you put it back in your stem, get it exactly where you want before installing the face plate or you'll wind up naffing it up at the point.

Or... just go buy a new Enve bar with black logos.

Ps, I've sanded hundreds if not thousands of Enve logos off of various Enve product. If you are picky you will notice it always leaves varied splotchy grades of black, grey and raw carbon. If you sand it off and want it looking top notch, you gotta fill or blend back in with some black or custom mix followed by top coat. Its just not worth the effort for a consumer DIY. Take my advice form above.\

Pss, No, that's not how I do product for my customers. I take the long route with pro paint and equip's. But I have used this stuff enough to know it will do just what the OP wants.
Nick Crumpton

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