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Old 01-28-2021, 11:40 PM
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I always make saddle stem height changes in mm. A cm is huge!

I'm not sure that the saddle drop caused the cramp. I think that was a red herring. I've been on the bike multiple times since with less sliding.

My bike fit was done by Speedvagen for that bike. The other bike is a Firefly and fit was done on that by Kevin after watching multiple videos of me on SV. He made minor changes as the FF has some gravel / all road capability. He did think may saddle was slightly high and recommended I drop a couple mm.

The sliding is always worse on the Brooks Cambium vs the Selle Italia SLR, so I have to think saddle is exacerbating. But, oddly DK suggested that wider saddle might help. Both saddles are on the narrow end of spectrum and I am not a small guy. The Cambium is wider than the SLR and it is worse.

Sadly, no one in my area is doing fitting these days due to COVID. Maybe in the future.

I'm actively stretching to increase posterior chain flexibility and doing hip opening yoga poses.

thanks for all input!

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Old 02-03-2021, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by stackie View Post
I always make saddle stem height changes in mm. A cm is huge!
I had always thought similar, and a part of me still kind of does, but recently I had a fit where I was put up by 15mm and the world didn't explode.

That experience made me wonder if sometimes it's all in my head, after all 3mm over a 750mm BB to saddle is 0.4% increase.

I know that I was experimenting with insoles that acted to lift my foot 2-3mm relative to saddle... didn't notice it the addition or or subtraction that 2-3mm.

Just food for thought, YMMV, etc.
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Old 02-04-2021, 09:14 AM
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Jon, had a similar issue that was fixed with a fitting about 6 years ago, I had a good saddle (Fizik Antares, 142mm Wide), but due to a leg length discrepancy, as well the saddle being just a bit narrow for me, I was sitting unevenly, and having to stand up and re-seat myself to stay comfortable.

Fitter moved me to a Specialized Romin, in 155mm width, and everything has been really good since. A wider saddle, or slightly different shape may help keep you more planted, and avoid the sliding. Obviously, all of those variables are personal in nature, so you may find something else that helps.
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