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Old 09-07-2017, 10:20 AM
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Seat tube angle, reach and performance

being a short person I'm always searching for the frame with a short reach, around 360mm. on a custom built frame I'm able to do this by adjusting the seat tube angle and reducing the top tube length to less than 52cm. on a recent Lynskey I purchased the top tube is shorter the 51 and the seat tube angle is near 74 or so. While looking at Seven's geometry page SSP I noticed the same thing, the shortening the top tube length in order to get to the 36cm reach. How does seat tube angle affect performance? on frames with 74.5 -75 STA I've had to use posts with lots of setback, Easton ec70, fsa . on the customs any post would work. any idea why? opinions?
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