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Old 07-02-2019, 09:23 PM
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Motorola Caloi Team Bike

I won this on ebay after missing it on the forum about a little over year or so ago. It measures about 60x60 and belonged to Cezary Zamana on the 95' team, and formerly to AndySti on the forum, then apparently to someone in Australia, then I got it from a guy named Bradley Wiggins in the UK. Now I don't know if it was that Bradley Wiggins, although he is listed at 6'3" +/- so it could fit him... but whether or not it was that guy, whoever he had ship the bike put the frame in a frame box, put a bubble wrap bag over the top, and stuffed it in a bike box so the thing rattled around across the pond on the trip. Bent the dropout screws and put a decent scratch on the bottom of the chainstay... happily nothing worse. I took my time and spent a couple days touching up chips here, then wet sanding, repeat until satisfied. Didn't get an exact color match on the red, but pretty close, got a good match on the blue and gray.

I have not finished putting it together how I want yet, but did get it built enough to take out for a ride today and it was a nice riding frame and with a couple mid ride tweaks fit is pretty spot on. It was a little odd when I was riding it as I had it mostly in the big ring and was just chugging up hills in the 53 ring most of the time... not fast mind you, but steady and didn't feel laborious. Normally on my other bikes I use the small chainring and spin more, but this bike just seemed to respond better at lower cadence. Maybe that was just me... time will tell. I have Campy 10 on my other bikes so the switch to Shimano 8s STI was a little different. My thumbs occasionally went for where the levers are on campy... oh well. Been a while since I've owned a Shimano equipped bike, but it rides and shifts well so the hood shape will just take some getting used to.

Still on the to-do list are to build up matching wheels, probably go with different bars as the antomic shape didn't feel quite right but maybe it will grow on me, possibly different stem and seatpost, planning for tan wall tires as well.

A couple post ride pictures... temp at the end was about 98°, but felt like what the computer shows.

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