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Old 10-18-2022, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by PortlyPuncheur View Post
Sorry for the OT, but this caught my eye. Any particular model of Selle SMP? Or are they all like this? I'm looking to get my saddle a bit more rearward, so might be worth a try. And, of course, the search for the perfect saddle never ends.

Great looking ride, Clean. Hope you enjoy getting it fully dialed.
The classic SMP saddles, the Composit and Forma line, generally sit you 10-15mm further back than most "normal" road saddles, all else equal.. so, some say if you are using a normal saddle on a 25mm setback post, you can go to a zero setback post with an SMP, with a bit of rearward bias - or if you keep the 25mm setback post, can get more setback than a normal saddle at the same relative point on the rails. SMP saddles also have a lot more usable range on their rails, so you can reliably move them around more, assuming you have a good solid seatpost/rails interface (some side-clamping posts are too weak).

I'm trying a Full Carbon Lite and Forma once they arrive from Sie Germans (Bike24). The OPEN Min.D MOCT clamp has like 7mm of setback on a 72.5-STA - and if running an SMP gives me an extra 10-15mm rearward bias on that, plus room to go another 10mm back on the rails, that could/should bring it in range. I like riding unpadded SMPs and can probably do well with them on fatter tires to take out the impedence.. the only downside is not being able to ooch up on steep climbs as easily given the shape of the saddle. Good, bad, not sure. Experimentation is in order - and work with a fitter to get me in a truly sustainable position on this bike (assuming it can be done).
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