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Old 02-01-2023, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by reuben View Post
Well, that's not good. Based on your subsequent video I assume that you put it back the way it was - quick link, master link, whatever.

I'm surprised, because like Peter said, it looks like your chain is too long - rubbing on the top derailleur pulley in the first video, or very close to it. But we can't see the drive side, and don't know all of the details of your setup.

Kudos to you in any case. Rollers are hard! (I have a set of Tacx Galaxia). There's no real way to rest as there is with a stationary trainer. I have my rollers next to a post in the basement that I can grab on to if needed, and it also helps me mount and dismount. But it does force us to learn to pedal consistently and smoothly.
I think it is an optical illusion as the there is plenty of clearance between the chain and top pulley. I know it looks funky but has worked great for 3000 miles or so. When I shortened the chain it would not shift into the first (smallest) cogs used a quick link but not sure if it is wise to have 2 on the chain so close together ie 5 links apart. I know the m5100 is designed for my application ie 1x11 with 11-42 or 11-46 cassette.
i rode the rollers 300 miles in January. they are kind of fun and I have not biffed yet . usually ride them for an hour or so.pretty much turns into a sweat fest I have a sweat guard on the way...
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