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Old 11-10-2022, 01:17 AM
Kingson Kingson is offline
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Holy COW... little adjustments here and there can... OMG!!!

i can't tell you the simple adjustments i've just made to my road bike setups, and the MASSIVE change its made in comfort and performance.

simple things like 10mm of stem length/angle, repositioning shift levers on the drops, saddle rail fore-aft placement...

its been a revelation at the very least.

if you think your bike doesn't fit you properly, or even if you DO think your bike fits you properly... because that's what i thought for a REALLY loooong time. try readjusting placement of contact points on your bike

it turned a ho-hum-drum 2016 De Rosa Protos, into a rocket. and it woke up my Look 585 like a 5-alarm fire siren.

my Ritchey Swiss Cross now fits like a custom-tailored Taiwanese suit, and it, as well woke up to the smell of roses.

take it for what it is. hope it helps

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