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Old 09-08-2022, 10:23 PM
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Swapping Fizik Arione for Fizik Vento Argo - Setup Question

I've been using an Arione for the last decade and I recently switched to the Vento Argo. The Arione is 300mm long with the anatomical center (75mm width) located 150mm from the nose. The Vento Argo on the other hand is 264mm long with the anatomical center located 114mm from the nose. I set the Vento Argo up with the nose an additional 36mm behind the bottom bracket (150mm - 114mm) to ensure the anatomical center was in the same spot as my Arione. I feel way too far back and I was curious if anyone else experienced this with the Vento Argo. I had to move the saddle 10mm forward in order to get my knee in a similar position relative to the spindle. I'm assuming the anatomical center is just a starting point for setup between Fizik saddles. I was just surprised that I must have sat further forward on the Arione than I realized. Thoughts? Comments?
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