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Old 08-02-2022, 10:13 AM
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Carbon Shell Saddle the culprit?

Wondering if nagging pain in my left quad and change of feel of shoes(hot spots galore) is related to a recent change in saddle.

I went from riding a fizik antares vs R3 (base model with kium rails, nylon shell) to the mac daddy fizik anatres adaptive 00 (carbon everything, 3d printed). Both are the same size and have been set up as near identical as I can in terms of setback from BB, saddle height and reach to bars.

I have read that the stiffness of a carbon shells can change the way your bike feels and rides and wondering if anyone else has noticed or felt drastic changes elsewhere on the bike.

Main reason I am thinking it is the shell of the saddle is that most of the shells of my older saddles seem to tilt/sag to the left, the leg that is now bothering me, so wondering if the lack of flex in the shell is the cause.

Any insight or experiences appreciated.

If it keeps up, going to swap back and see if that fixes things.
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