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Old 06-18-2022, 09:17 PM
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Not enough setback?

Hi all, enjoy learning from all of you, thanks for reading my first post.

I may be up against a saddle setback issue and hoping for some advice.

My regular road steed has a 73 degree seat tube angle, and I run the saddle pretty far back (not quite all the way) with a 25mm offset seatpost. I'm now setting up a new gravel frame with a 73.8 degree seat tube angle and realizing I may not have enough saddle rail to replicate the fit!

By my calculations, 0.8 degrees over 715mm (current saddle height) equals a 10mm difference in setback. I'm also running 160mm cranks, which perhaps exacerbates the issue.

I might be able to get it close enough, or just adapt over time, but curious if you have suggestions. Do some saddles have longer rails with more adjustment range? Current saddle is a Specialized Romin Evo 142 width.
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