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Old 02-14-2022, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by robt57 View Post
I've run the Hutch overrides in 35s similar result sentiment.

But do you find the PSI issue road VS loose. I literally find the override are quite compromised in each of the tasks with the other use PSI, so to speak. Pumped up you ride the center on pavement, but unless I dump 20-30 PSi to the gravel sweet spot I hate it on loose gravel Lowered PSi the edge get some opinion..

So do you repump etc for use?
No, I do not repump because the dirt/gravel that I ride on is pretty easy stuff, and the little knobbies on the GK SS seem to really make a difference over the slicks when it comes to a feeling of security on the slightly looser stuff. You wouldn't think so, and I wouldn't have believed it, until I did a back to back comparison.
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