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Vendor Classified Rules/Guidelines

Welcome to the Vendor Classifieds on the Paceline!

This forum section is designed to offer retail vendors the chance to offer their wares to forum members, get some great deals for you folks who support The Paceline, and at the same time raise funds to help us meet forum expenses.

The Rules are pretty simple:

• In the first post of their thread, vendors will post contact and other basic information about their business.

• While members can post questions, this is not the place to actually place an order. Contact the vendor via PM or the contact info at the top of their thread.

• The Paceline rents this bulletin board space to vendors to post their content. The Paceline is not responsible in any way for the content of their posts or performance of vendors.

• Derogatory, derisive, and posts not applicable to the purpose of this section are not allowed and will be deleted without notice.

• If you have a customer service issue with a vendor, please contact that vendor directly.

• Only a vendor will be able to start a new discussion thread, however regular members may reply to any existing discussions.

• If you have feedback or questions about this section itself, contact the mods.

Thank you.
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