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Old 05-26-2020, 01:05 PM
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Love his work, especially the wishbone seat stay, so minimal.

Just curious, it seems from your choices that the rear brake mount is standard, will work for all gruppos, correct? Would be interested in seeing a detailed shot of that.
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Old 05-27-2020, 03:42 PM
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Ride report

Feels fantastic with the 28mm GranPrix TLs @ 85lb. closest the tire gets is to the seat tube, clearance VG everywhere else.

I rotated the bars as they should be, the rotation and high STi mounting was not comfortable. Feels great even with 4" saddle bar drop. 3.5" is my most recent for go fast bikes.

But I am still acclimating to my new body posture missing 35lb of spare tire out of the way, 2019 first season without. The 4.5" drop to the bars when I was a 40-45 year old [188lb] was normal. So waste/weight/fat, not age was causing all the trouble. Don't get fat y'all!!

Going on a small group ride tomorrow for 40 miles. So today I rode the Sassenach for a scant 20 miler to determine if it was going to be the bike of choice for tomorrow. Had concerns about the extra CM of drop from my usual [since 2019] go fast position. [read; position I try to go fast...]

Bike wants to go fast, the position helps. Went to the drops a few times, glad the drop are shallow on the bars.

It is nimble quick and responsive. And standing on it I did not feel I was too girthy for it @ current 205lb.

Being early in the season for me, my circles are not quite fluid. So I did feel the mast could be bigger diameter or thicker wall, but really well over 100 RPM, and some miles will smooth my circle and diminish the slight bobbing.

I am sure a younger rider my weight would find it a tad non stout seated high RPM, but a lot of guys don't pedal 110 RPM either. In the high 90s all was well, coulda been more my early season rusty pedaling, squares..

Not decided if it will be the 40 miler steed tomorrow, leaning 104CM WB Team Domane with the integrated one piece aero bars.
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Ride as much as you wrench. Words of wisdom.

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Old 05-27-2020, 05:06 PM
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Looks like an amazing ride to me. Congrats on the pick up and the 35lbs you lost!
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