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Old Yesterday, 08:38 PM
IJWS IJWS is offline
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Anyone in L.A. have the Cannondale Hollowgram tools?

I bought a cool spidering to sup' up my gf's SuperSix. It was $200 but now I am realizing that I need a Cannondale SI crank arm removal tool ($50) AND a Hollowgram spider lockring removal tool ($50) to install it. What a hassle.

To make things worse, all the bike shops right now have a two week backlog because every Tom Dick and Harry is trying to add a basket and replace the cables on their 20 year-old hybrid because they are bored.

I'm about to pull the trigger on $100 worth of tools to use one time and I thought I would ask the PL community if anyone in the Los Angeles area already has those tools. Please let me know if you do, I would be very appreciative.
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Old Yesterday, 08:43 PM
jc031699 jc031699 is offline
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Anyone in L.A. have the Cannondale Hollowgram tools?

See here for some better options

WTB tools etc for Cannondale Si/SiSL crankset

Park makes an FSA / hollowgram tool that can be had for about $22 now, which is new too to me

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Old Today, 07:56 AM
Onno Onno is offline
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You don't actually need the crank removal tool for the hollowgram. Look on Youtube for Hollowgram removal hacks, and you'll see how easy it can be--any old crank removal tool will work. I've done this dozens of times on my Cannondale cranks with no problems.

The chainring removal tool, on the other hand, is necessary. I picked one up from Jenson for about 30 bucks. The same tool works on FSA cranks, and several companies make them, so you don't need the Cannondale branded one.
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Old Today, 11:17 AM
hollowgram5 hollowgram5 is online now
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I was going to comment the same. There are plenty of options for the crank arm removal, but if memory serves correctly its the oversized spindle crank removal tool that works best (isis and octalink) in combination with a socket extension for something to push against. I could be wrong but youtube and a little googling will show shed light.

And the lockring tool is also the same as FSA and Specialized, so you can get any of those. This park tool version is great because it also works with the older specialized cranks where the spindle connection is mid-bb shell not at the drive side crank arm. Such a good option that I may buy one for myself..
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Old Today, 11:23 AM
rain dogs rain dogs is offline
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As others have said.... standard crank arm removal tool works, BUT like with all cranks, ensure you remove the washer (obvs) and go s...l...o...w.... or your cranks may be trash bound.

Re: the hollowgram tool. Also, be careful, because the park/sram etc 8 pin tools sometimes don't fit. Not sure why there is the variance but some of them are like 1mm too small in the diameter and they won't engage right. The Cannondale one is a little more (like $10 more) but if you're going to buy the tool anyway I'd just spend the extra $10 unless you can be sure.

You can find that tool in many places for $25-$30 pretty easy.

Or, just take it to the shop and support the LBS. it'll probably cost you $10 for the swap.... and you'll need to do it, what once every 3 to 4 years?
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