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Old 08-26-2022, 10:10 AM
seahuston seahuston is offline
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New Vendor: Tahoe Trail Tools

Hi everyone, Collin from Tahoe Trail Tools here. I just got set up as a vendor and wanted to do a quick introduction thread.

Tahoe Trail Tools is my small design/production company. I started last year working mainly on metal smokeware in stainless and titanium. In order to respect the environment of the forum here, I won’t get into that category too much. Suffice to say, it was a fun product set to get started with but I’m working on transitioning towards more outdoor products, especially cycling.

I have a CNC mill, CNC lathe, and manual lathe all crammed into my small 1 car garage. It’s a pretty awesome little shop! I try to do my prototyping and first run production in-house but oftentimes it makes more sense to outsource for larger volumes.

Here are some products I’m working on:
This is my full product family on the smokables sie

You’ll notice I started a thread for some Titanium bleed screws for Shimano road levers. With an increased hex size and titanium material, these won’t strip
They are ready to go after a bit of a delay! I did the design, testing, and sourcing for these. Compared with dedicated screw vendors, there was no way I could efficiently make these in-house. I’m really excited about these little screws since they solve a problem that I’ve directly experienced.
If you’re interested in purchasing, the link is here. You can use code “paceline” for a discount as a thank you for your support.

I just started going on a direct mount hanger for my 2018 Supersix Evo Disc. I couldn’t find one for this bike and I think it looks a lot cleaner than the shimano linkage. Bonus, a bit cleaner Di2 wire routing to ride it behind the hanger. I’m hoping to have it made in aluminum shortly.

I’m always working on ideas for tools, and try to use my bike maintenance projects to develop and test specific little tools for the job. Here’s a little bearing press I made for my latest suspension service.

Beyond this, I’ve done some small projects for some of you and just finished up this little ti brake ferrule for an older Supersix rim brake.

Thanks so much for your interest, curiosity, and maintaining my cycling-world hub here on the forum.

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Old 08-27-2022, 06:43 PM
CNY rider CNY rider is offline
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Welcome to the forum.
I must admit, as an old fuddy duddy, when you said smokeware I was getting excited to see some custom tools for my Komodo smoker grill....
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Old 03-20-2023, 05:57 PM
acorn_user acorn_user is offline
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Could you make lock rings for old Campagnolo 9 speed cassettes/wheels? Those are now rare and quite hard to find.
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Old 03-22-2023, 10:16 PM
Pegoready's Avatar
Pegoready Pegoready is offline
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Very cool! Love the product, love the packaging/branding, and that you do it in a tight little shop in a 1 car garage.
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Old 03-22-2023, 10:29 PM
thirdgenbird thirdgenbird is offline
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I would love a direct mount hanger for my yeti arc-x (said one person ever)
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Old 04-03-2023, 12:46 PM
hollowgram5 hollowgram5 is offline
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Very cool cycling related products, always great to have smaller manufacturers out there to fill the void where the big guys don't seem to think there's a need.

Welcome to the forum!
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