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Old 12-11-2012, 04:03 PM
Pete Mckeon Pete Mckeon is offline
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Only the E5 that I have experience

Fellow who bought mine in 05 is still riding many miles every year, I has it for when I was traveling alot in USA for work and took it along. Cheap for what it was (rode nice) and frame was easily and inexpensive to replace, I still have my steel and my ti which I did not want to "subject" to multi weeks in a hotel in a city. I do miss the E5.

Originally Posted by BumbleBeeDave View Post
. . . about finite service life of aluminum.

I have a Specialized S-works E5 bike from 2003 and just got back from restoration my 1984 Vitus 979, of which I'm the original owner.

Is there any way to judge the "service life" of these frames? Does the service life have to do wih how much they've been ridden, or is it just the properties of the frame material itself?

Also does it have anything to do with corrosion or what conditions the bikes were ridden in? While I did ride my Vitus in the rain, I did the huge majority of riding in Oklahoma in summer months and out in northern California, again only in nice weather.

For we aluminum bike owners . . . do we need to worry about our frames cracking, or give them closer inspections once they are of a certain age? My Vitus will be my nostalgia and show bike. I'm not planning to ride it hard or long. But the S-works is a great riding, stiff frame that really gets up and goes when I stand on it. Do I seriously need to worry about it breaking under use at 9 years old?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this . . .

L-o-n-g bike luster
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