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Old 11-05-2011, 08:17 AM
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Serial Numbers Decoded

I'm starting this thread with Keith's blessing. I'm pulling the info from what I know and other threads on the topic. A lot of this info came from oliver1850, who has a wealth of Serotta knowledge. PLEASE HELP!!, i'll update the front post as i get input from you experts!

__________________________________________________ __

The modern system started with the 1990 models, I believe. Mid to late 1980s bikes used all numbers, with production year the first digit in the code. I'm not sure how far back that system was used. The very early bikes had Ben's initials included.

the modern serial number system is:

aa bb xxx - aa=model / bb=frame size / xxx= production number

aa codes:

TX - Colorado TG
AS - Atlanta
SC - Colorado II, most likely other Colorados as well
SL - Nova Special
SN - Nova Special X and NHX
CT - Concours Ti
LI - at least some Ottrotts
HC - Hors
TI - Legend Ti as mentioned but also earlier Colorado Ti
TC - Colorado LT
RD = Research & Development
LI - early Ottrott (Legend Integrated)
HI - early Ottrott DKS (Hors Integrated)
CC - Custom Colorado II through CRL through early CSi (I think)
FE - Fierte IT
FI - Fierte (steel)
FC - Fierte Carbon
FT - Fierte Ti
HB - HSG in carbon
SP - HSG in Ti
LE - Legend Ti GS tubing
OS - Ottrott ST
SD - Davis Phinney Model
TS - Colorado Soft Tail MTB....or
CT-S - Colorado Soft Tail MTB
AT - Colorado Legend AT
BS - Ben Serotta Special?
ST - Classique Ti.
TL - Colorado Legend TG
RI - Rapid Tour (ti)

Any of these codes preceded by a C means it's a custom frame. The exception to this seems to be early Colorados, which if stock were CC. So SC evidently means Standard or Stock Colorado

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