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Old 07-11-2020, 05:48 AM
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Sold: patched together shimano road hydraulic bleed kit


My dreams of being a Functional mechanic were once again smashed on a botched new shifter and caliper install.

I had to dig around, wait around, and hunt for some of these parts so maybe it’ll help someone out in the same but more skilled boat...

-Two shimano funnel adapters for adapting road shifter to the bleed kit (New)
-corki Upgraded Needle Driver Insertion Tool,Bicycle Hydraulic Hose Fitting Insert Tool (used twice)
-Jagwire - Hydraulic Hose Cutter Bicycle Repair Tool |Easy, Clean Cutting, Steel Blades | Alloy or Plastic Body (used twice, includes unused extra blade)
-Shimano Brake Bleed Kit with 60ml Mineral Oil and Bleed Block/Rotor Correction Tool (new, everything you need besides the funnel adapters above to bleed)

How about $60 shipped for everything?

If you copy and paste the items (besides funnel adapter) you can see details at Amazon. All were purchased from there.

Can provide photos if needed.

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