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Old 08-02-2013, 08:46 AM
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There's no need to characterize anyone's choice here. Lots of bikes work and that's the point trying to be made. After all, it's not a race and the worst sections can be traversed by any bike if you go slow enough. The jeep track at the beginning isn't very long at all. In fact most people have to walk that regardless of their bike/tire choice. It's too technical to clear for most. The long descent before the rest stop is the trickiest part and if you take it slow you are fine.

I used to think fat tires were a must and recommended them myself, but after riding similar/worse terrain with 25mm tires I was surprised how little I missed bigger tires. In fact bigger tires made me bomb the descents faster than I probably should have and had a few near crashes because of it. I will stand by the superior performance of tubulars and tubeless. Lots of places for pinch flats unless you are riding monster tires. I would routinely bottom out my Michelin Jets on rocks in the middle of the road.
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