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Old 07-19-2021, 10:31 PM
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Numb feet

Thought I would run this past the forum braintrust.
I have been riding for years without feet problems. Tried to switch shoes about 3 years ago from a 12 year old pair of Specialized Comp shoes to S-Works and my left foot started going numb after about 10 miles. Couldn't tolerate it so switched back to my comps and continued riding without problems until this year when I blew the strap off the side of my shoe.
Dumb me...I threw the shoes away and purchased new comps. Well, left foot started going numb. Tried to get my feet to adjust to the shoes and just couldn't so upgraded to a pair of wide Lake CX238's. To big-left foot still going numb. Tried SIDI Alba's left foot and now right foot going numb after a month and a half of riding.
Went to a pro bike fitter who recommended I go back to the Lake CX238's but in the standard width and then had him do a fitting and custom orthotic build.
First day on the bike after pro fit I rode 20 miles with a 19.5 average and NO NUMBNESS!! Essentially, he moved the cleats all the way back, lowered my seat and moved it forward from where I was so I am pedaling more with my gluts and hamstrings and less through the ball of my foot.
However, I did a 40 mile ride on Saturday and after a hard climb (20% grade for 3/8 mile) where I had to stand the whole way, my feet went numb and continued on/off numbness the rest of the way home.
Now, to throw an additional monkey wrench into the mix...About two weeks prior to my shoe breaking earlier this spring my doc up'd my BP meds (amlodipine went up to 10mg's) it definitely brought my BP into check but this numbness started two weeks later. Wondering if any of you have experience with numbness in the feet and amlodipine? Or, if I just need to back off my intensity a bit so my feet heal from years of riding with a previously bad position on the bike coupled with new carbon fiber soled shoes?

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Old 07-20-2021, 06:56 AM
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Numb feet

Not sure this is your issue but my feet seem incredibly sensitive to cleat position and shoe tightness when using three bolt cleats. With Speedplay I have way less issue with numbness in feet but Speedplay don’t make a PM so I deal with it.

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