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*Real Name (first or full - up to you)

*Where do you live?
Santa Cruz, CA

*Explanation of your forum handle.
My name.

*Explanation of your avatar.
Embracing my temporary beard.

*Age (General or specific).

Information Security Wizard

*How did you find the Paceline?

*Favorite Bike.
'96 Richard Sachs

*What’s in your stable?
Richard Sachs Road, Ibis Cousin It Tandem, Ibis Trials Comp(2), Soma Mini Velo, Specialized Singlecross, plus some other random half projects and such.

*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When?
Slow, I don't data log. Hit 182.3 on the salt flats via motorbike.

*Picture of yourself, your ride, or both together.

*Make up an answer to at least one additional question.
African or European Swallow?

*What is the biggest lie you ever told?
I'm innocent.

*Tell us something fun.
I'm a huge hypocrite when it comes to my loved ones. I prefer my wife stay away from all forms of two wheeled transportation. I finally gave in via the purchase of a tandem, and it has become my favorite form of two wheeled transport. I'm currently looking at ways to rig something out of 80/20 T-Slot framing to switch it between tandem and cargo bike duty.
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