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*Real Name (first or full - up to you)
Adam Christopher Leibow

*Where do you live?
Ocean Beach/Outer Sunset, San Francisco

*Explanation of your forum handle.
Jerome from LAfixed called me that (one of his worst nicknames)

*Explanation of your avatar.
i don't think I have one

*Age (General or specific).
25 1/2

Architectural Lighting Design CAD Monkey

*How did you find the Paceline?
I can't remember. User matsfro on here, maybe.

*Favorite Bike.
Custom Lighthouse road (i ride it the least, though)

*What’s in your stable?
Custom Lighthouse Road
Rivendell Hunqapillar
Surly Krampus
Soma Grand Randonneur
Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross (just got it, not built yet)

*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When?
50ish MPH, on the upper part of Beverly Glen near Mulholland, LA

*How many miles did you ride last year?
I don't know, not that many.

*Picture of yourself, your ride, or both together.

*Make up an answer to at least one additional question.

*What is the biggest lie you ever told?
My name is Jenkins

*Tell us something fun.
In 8th grade the kid who sat next to me in Algebra class had some problems at home, & one day he offered me meth in class. he told me it was not addictive and not that bad for you, and at first i wasn't going to do it but when he poured a bump out onto his math homework it seemed so small & innocent, so i snorted it, right there in class (nobody noticed, luckily). I felt really weird and didn't sleep that night. before we got to high school he got sent to military school for drunk driving his moms car through their garage door. i never saw him again, & i haven't done meth since!
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