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I finally got it dialed. I almost considered selling it cuz I couldn't get my fit where I wanted it. After 3 different stems I'm there. A -12 degree Extralite in 110mm.

I sure didn't want to spend $200 on a stem but the -17 was just a tad too much in the drops and the -8 and -10 wasn't enough.

Once dialed this thing really came to life, a different bike underneath me. It really likes the seated torque on a climb, more so than any other bike I've ridden. It just powers up climbs from the saddle. Descends like it's on rails and it's supper smooth in the corners.

This one is a keeper for me and I'm hoping for tons of hard and happy miles on it in the future.

The final setup in the oh so faux pas NDS photo.

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