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Originally Posted by oldpotatoe View Post
The 350 shell IS more burley than the 240 shell..How ya gonna slot? With the tool that drills the hole below(toward the hub shell) the spoke hole? I'd say no problema...

Gotta wonder why bladed spokes too..they really offer not much over 'oval' spokes..except cheaper..
Thanks Peter, I'll give it a go.

How? Diamond needle files. A bit better control than the little drill guide. You can test each hole along the way with a spoke and only remove as much material as needed. But it is slow going.

Why? I have the proper DT New Aero spokes on hand already. Definitely cheaper than buying Aerolites. Also, the front is already done with New Aeros, and I like the added stiffness (as a former track sprinter)...
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