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Originally Posted by oldpotatoe View Post
Yup, done 'seems' to work best with Powershift 10s levers..Centaur and below, 2007/8..Haven't tried it with 2009+ 'Gumby' 10s shifters but I suspect it will.

These shifters ARE also compatible with the long cage Campag rear ders also tho..Racing T, Comp, etc...BUT 10s Campag is closer to ctr cog to ctr cog to shimano 9s cogs than 10s(if ya do this, use a 9s chain)..

But the Campag shifter->spam rear der gig was 'discovered' by Lennard Zinn..he brought a rig by(actually rode over) and let me look at it in the stand..freaky..kinda like dogs and cats living together..Twilight Zone stuff..

Strangely enough..I have used a Campag 10s front ders on 8 and 9s shimano rigs too..'QS' ones..
This thread has peaked my interest. I have my BMC set up with Jones bars and a 10 speed XT drive train. I'd love to go back to road bars, (Salsa Cow Chippers) and use an old set of Record 10 speed ergo levers to shift a Shimano 11-34 cassette. Will any SRAM 10 speed rear derailleur work? I'm looking at a SRAM GX 2x10 long cage RD. Will that work or should I look for a different SRAM model?

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