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Originally Posted by ucdcrush View Post
It's interesting to see the replies. I have seen the youtube videos where Cam Nichols was fit by Neil Stanbury, and to help Cam from dropping his right hip, put 6mm of shim under his right shoe. I also see on his more recent videos where Neil is fitting an ultra long distance cyclist, and had shimmed him as well as put something taped to his saddle to remind him if he's listing to one side. And I think in that case, the shims are decreased or eliminated now.
While I spend most of my time teaching pedaling technique, you're never going to unlearn a leg length discrepancy. Learned behavior is one of the hardest things to deal with as a fitter because it often doesn't make any sense. I had a guy in my winter pedal stroke class a few years ago who I called a half million miles of bad habits. I could guess most of his injury history just based on his learned adaptations.
If the pedals are turning it's all good.
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