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To add in.. when I went to the fitting session, I had my saddle at 73 and he raised me to 73.6 after watching my pedaling (from both sides). He didn't use any computerized measurement, nor inseam measurement, but went from observation.

I am reluctant to ditch the shims at this point, only because I've been unsuccessfully trying to fix my own fit for over a year as I'm riding more and riding harder. I've ridden at 73.6 even before the fit for a period of time, but had that uneven feeling and right knee pain (as well as the right knee brushing the top tube occasionally) which I am now chalking up to me leaning down to the left.

Also, in my non-riding life, I favor my left side which I think is due to the fact that I have a titanium gamma nail in my left femur to prevent an impending fracture. I've had that in there for over 10 years, and my left leg (and glute) is physically smaller and I'm sure weaker than my right. Not exactly sure how this would play into cycling, but I'm not surprised if it's factoring in.
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