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normally, pain at the back of the knee is issue with the leg extension. the main root cause most probably is the hamstring.

why right leg? most of us are right-side bias. or we used our right side more .. driving car, we sit .. etc. hence our right side more .. hence the right side hamstring is tighter than the left one. if you have LLD, one leg will be weaker .. since we rely more on the stronger leg for power and stability ... in this case, the right leg .. overworked .. tighter hamstring

lower down the seat post should works and pedal with sit up straight also will minimize the stretch to hamstring .. but i guess it will not be as much fun.

i would recommend stretch hamstring and work to balance the strength of both legs.

some words on hamstring stretch .. there are 2 types: one with straight leg, the other one with bend knee. you need both. caution not to compensate with your upper back when reaching your toes. and do it while you are on your feet .. not lying down. because when on your feet, the stretch is loaded.

my 2 cents. hopefully it helps. it helped my for sure and i was diagnosed with LLD. my left leg is weaker.
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