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Originally Posted by PaMtbRider View Post
What percentage of your bikes would you say have custom geometry? Do you change tubing selection / butting profiles on custom geometry or just dimensional changes? My wife at 5'7" weighs less than the typical male cyclist of the same height. She has definitely benefited from custom bikes in the past.

Your bikes are well thought out and look well proportioned. You are high on the list for any future bike that might come into our household.
Hi there -

Thanks for your question. Sorry I missed it, I thought I had an auto-notification set <whoops>.

I would say we're about 60 stock / 40 custom at this time. Yes, depending on frame and rider size, we make macro adjustments in the tube diameters utilized, and micro adjustments in the butting profile.

Here's a little video that summarizes our butting process.

You will find a growing collection of videos under that account that summarize various steps of our production process.
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