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Originally Posted by Hilltopperny View Post
My two go to bikes are the Drifter and the Great Divide. I have been through tons of bikes and usually find myself passing along the majority of them after one season. My No.22 bikes are not going anywhere. They are that good!

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As you may know, I’ve owned a bike or two over the years ( probably close to 50, but who’s counting? ) and I’ve owned 3 variants of Moots. The craftsmanship on my Aurora is up to par with all 3 of the Moots that I owned. And, the detailing of the Aurora far surpasses the Moots on every level. The shapes of the tubing is absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, it rides as well ( and is as comfortable as my last Moots - RSL ).

And lastly, both Bryce and Mike were a pleasure to deal with, truly. There was a hiccup along the way on their end, but they came through like champs!
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