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Originally Posted by d_douglas View Post
Wow, that is beautiful Dave. While symmetry is platonically pleasant to the eye (like most bikes), a dash of asymmetry is what makes it interesting. I recall seeing some Black Cat bilaminate lugs that were kinda weird and absolutely beautiful in an art deco way.

[B]Are there any structural implications to asymmetry in lugs? Will one side be stressed more than the other is a lug is cut on a bias? [/B]

This blows wind up my skirt for sure! I can see these tubes and lugs painted glossy white with gold lining and decals and some 700x48mm tires - all deeply soaked in mud .
Good question. The short answer is 'no'....and long answer is 'maybe'.

The very small relief I made is so structurally insignificant as to not be there. So the answer in this case is no. On the other hand one could cut the lugs so much that there could be issues. So it's not to say that the lug shape doesn't matter but it really only matters when you take it to extremes.....and these lugs are far from extreme.

It's important to remember that the real core strength with a lugged joint comes from the two tubes meeting each other inside and having the filler flow between the them. This is what holds the tubes together. The lug adds surface area for the filler to attach to and a safety margin and its not the primary structure.

Make sense?

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