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Originally Posted by David Kirk View Post
"Idle hands make fretful minds" - Shelley Shepard Gray

I've run into a bit of a material supply issue related to Covid and I don't sit around very the set of lugs and BB I had sitting in a drawer waiting to be completely reshaped to match the image in my head came out and I had some fun putting the imagined shape into metal.

Photographing raw lugs is always problematic - they need context and tubes in them to make the most sense. But these will give a rough idea of the shape I've had bouncing around for a while now.

So many lug shapes of old look like the doilies my grandmother knit. Nice in their own way but not my thing. I like long simple lines with a bit of asymmetry to make the eye and mind wander around the part.

Now I just need a bike to build these into! If these blow up your skirt let me know and we'll use them as the basis for your new ride.


Wow, that is beautiful Dave. While symmetry is platonically pleasant to the eye (like most bikes), a dash of asymmetry is what makes it interesting. I recall seeing some Black Cat bilaminate lugs that were kinda weird and absolutely beautiful in an art deco way.

Are there any structural implications to asymmetry in lugs? Will one side be stressed more than the other is a lug is cut on a bias?

This blows wind up my skirt for sure! I can see these tubes and lugs painted glossy white with gold lining and decals and some 700x48mm tires - all deeply soaked in mud .
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