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Originally Posted by Spaghetti Legs View Post
The rank structure US Navy:

Ensign, LT junior grade, LT, LT Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral and on up. When you are the head honcho of a ship, you are called “Captain” of said vessel regardless of your rank. Most destroyers are skippered by Commanders. In some cases you’ll see a small vessel, like a minesweep or some form of patrol boat commanded by a LT Commander or even LT and will still be called the Captain. Aircraft carriers are commanded by Captains who, interestingly, are aircraft pilots and have less sea going experience the the second in command of the ship, a surface warfare officer.
Has that changed? On the CVs I was on, the XO was an aviator also, also O-6 but obvious ‘twilight’ tour...not gonna get a CV, deep draft or make flag.
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